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From now until May 3rd (for shipping orders) and May 11th (for local pick up orders), any order placed for $10 or more will receive 1 FREE "Love you Mom" mushroom! Online orders, no code is needed! Be sure during check out to choose either shipping or pick up.


Mushrooms, Gnomes, Turtles, Snails, Frogs, Gnome Homes, and more!


For bulk orders, please contact us:

Mushroom Rainbow set - $9.00
Mushroom Rainbow set
Mushroom Rainbow set, 7 mushrooms (round top)
Mushroom Rainbow Set - $9.00
Mushroom Rainbow Set
Mushroom Rainbow Set, 7 mushrooms (cone top)
Gnome (big ear) - $4.50
Gnome (big ear)
Garden Gnome (big ears)
Gnome Color
Gnome (long beard) - $4.50
Gnome (long beard)
Garden Gnome (long beard)
Gnome Home - $15.00
Gnome Home
Gnome Home with flameless tea light Click details for color combinations
Chose a color
Snails - $1.50
Turtle - $3.00
Narwhal - $2.00
Octopus - $1.50
Frog - $2.00
Unicorn Poop - $1.00