#Smile2020PassItOn - Join the movement and pass on a smile!


Has someone made you smile - no matter how big, no matter how small, a smile can change the outlook of your day, your week, your year, or even your life.


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Lonnie Theer says... (Reply)
"Mary Ann... Not good with words but here goes. I for one, did not realize how much, putting a smile on someones face and/or just one kind word can change someone's entire day. I have been receiving lots of comments about my new book Coffee Beans, of how it has made their day much brighter and how page 30 has made them think about them being a better person. As I say in my book, "if I can make someone smile," then I have achieve my goal." (4/27/20)
Mary Ann Spilman says... (Reply)
"Making someone smile truly can turn their day around. Its a gift." (4/27/20)