Our Subscription Box, or Fairy Mail brings the Fairy world to your door!


It is a 3 or 6 month program, designed to help you build your fairy garden from the ground up, or you can add to an existing garden. 


Each month you will receive a box containing a fairy item (or items) based around the theme you choose. There could be several themes to choose from at any given time. The price and availability depend on the theme and how many items I have on hand.


Perfect for any age, for any person who believes in the magic, the person who is young, or simply young at heart! Experience the joy on your child's face as they decorate their garden and wait for signs that the fairies have been by. Spread joy, happiness, and smiles, keeping the magic alive in your heart!







How it works:


* Subscription boxes are sold in 3 - 6 month increments

* Boxes ship by the 7th day of each month

* Price varies by theme

* Contents: quantity and type of item(s) are determined by the theme


Be sure to check out our Feature Family section to see the Subscription Box being used -