Wish Upon A Toadstool offers you three different ways to start your fairy garden! Our Subscription Box Program, Custom Gardens, and A La Carte!


The Subscription Box:


The subscription box is a 3 - 6 month themed program in which you receive "Fairy Mail" once a month.

Each box will contain a fairy item (or items) the go along with the theme.

Boxes are mailed by the 7th day of each month.

There could be several themes to choose from at any given time. Price and availability will vary depending on the theme and the quantity I have on hand.


For more information click here: http://www.wishuponatoadstool.com/getting-started-20/What-is-a-Subscription-Box-57594



And be sure toRylee, receiving Box 1 of our Fairy Mail program
Rylee, receiving Box 1 of our Fairy Mail program
 read about our Feature Families, you can follow along as they receive their Fairy Mail!





"Anyone with little kids, that is looking for something fun to do with them, birthdays, Christmas, etc should try this! From picking out her container, to decorating it, to picking out sand, or rocks, to receiving her monthly package with more decorations for her garden. She loves the whole experience. I highly recommend it!"


                           ~ John, Rylee's Dad

                                      Barre, MA 

















A La Carte:


We offer several of our most popular items A La Carte. Visit our store for the most up to date items available. Mushrooms, Gnomes, snails, turtles and more...






Custom Gardens:



Custom gardens are a unique way to welcome the fairies to your home. Tell us about the person the garden is for. How old are they? What is their favorite color, flower, animal, food? What are their hobbies? What makes them special? From this information we create a one of a kind garden. 


For more information, to see recent custom gardens, and to place an order for a custom garden,  click here:  http://www.wishuponatoadstool.com/custom-gardens-32




Karen's Custom Garden
Karen's Custom Garden

Custom rooster themed garden - Kathy's Korner
Custom rooster themed garden - Kathy's Korner































Custom Garden - Kathy's Korner
Custom Garden - Kathy's Korner