Are you all ready to meet Rylee?!?

I've been told that she is excited and all she has been talking about today is she can't believe she is going to be doing this and now the fairies can visit her at night!
So here she is! She has picked out the most perfect container that she says is "Super Dooper"!!! She has been busy decorating it!
Rylee - we can't wait to see your container once the paint has dried and are so looking forward to following your fairy adventure!!!








Well, her fairy garden container is complete! Rylee says "When the fairies come, they're going to say Thumbs Up"!!!!
Rylee we completely agree - you did an amazing job on your fairy garden container! Looking forward to you opening up box 1 of our monthly subscription box program and entice those fairies to pay you a visit! Well
done kiddo!


















Rylee has opened box 1, so far she has loved the whole experience! She just had to wear the red bow, she thinks the tiny shoes are so baby cute! She said "its awesome and can't wait for next month already"!!

Stay tuned for more updates - Rylee had another adventure yesterday that I will post about later...I helped her and her dad make a "fairy dust tree"! And let's face it - I can't wait to hear if the fairies visited her garden last night!













So Rylee went on an adventure, she braved the elements and all that Mother Nature could throw at her in order to collect some acorn tops! She found quite a few that she will leave out for the fairies to use as bowls, (I'm also teaching them how to make a fairy lantern, but that's for another post) but she found 1 special 3 acorn top, that with a little guidance from me, Rylee and her dad were able to turn it into a Fairy Dust Tree!!! Amazing!
ylee says " There is no way the fairies can resist my garden, I worked really hard on it"!!!!

So did the fairies visit Rylee yet? Be on the look out for the next update to find out!







Well now, did the fairies come to visit Rylee's fledgling fairy garden? I would have to say they did - they left some magic fairy dust! They even put it in the wonderful fairy dust tree that Rylee and her dad made! Just amazing!

Rylee, your next box of fairy goodness will be on its way to you in the next 10 days! Remember to be good and keep your garden clean!














Look at this sweet little fairy garden! Rylee's dad sent me the photo this morning. I just love the acorn top path! Looking forward to seeing what she does with the goodies in box 2!

Stay tuned!