Meet Molly:


Molly is our first feature family child! We will be following Molly on all her adventures as she prepares for her very own fairy garden! Molly has already received Box 1 and Box 2 of our monthly subscription  - and will soon receive Box 3, her final box.


Follow her journey below:








Molly's first task was to find the perfect container! 


"Molly insisted on something pink since her fairies love pink, just like her." After checking the local garden section, we checked out the local craft store. Molly found the perfect pink box. She says she can lock it and bring her fairies with her.


Molly - you did great!















  Soon - Box 1 was wrapped up and on it's way!

















Molly received Box 1 in June. She was busy picking the perfect place to put her new treasures!


Molly loves receiving mail - and Box 2 will be on it's way soon! 


Molly is patiently waiting for a fairy to play with - While the fairies are very elusive, and you may never actually see one, you will see signs that they have been enjoying your little garden. Box 2 gives you ideas of what to look for in your garden as proof that the fairies have been there!

















And just like that - Box 2 is on it's way!



















"Molly's favorite part of her fairy packages is the pickie dust. She puts it on everything in her fairy garden area. Molly was so excited to read about ways to know if a fairy has been to your garden. One of the ways listed were seeing black crows. No joke, the grass area in front of Molly's fairy garden is often covered with crows. We have tried to get pictures but they fly away when we come outside. Molly has decided that the crows carry the fairies that might be sick or have broken wings."







Oh little Molly! I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying your fairy garden! Your last box will be on its way the beginning of September!