Papillion Nebraska Custom Garden - 


Having only lived in Papillion Nebraska for a year and a half, this was a fun challenge for me. Create a custom fairy garden based on the city of Papillion! I asked around to our neighbors and locals to find out what best represented Papillion to them. I learned some great things about a small community that I am very proud to be a part of, raise my family here, and call home. To create the garden, I took the ideas shared with me and transformed them into what I consider a wonderful, whimsical representation of "Fairy" life in Papillion!





I started by creating the "Papillion Welcomes You" sign with monarch butterflies and the beginnings of some corn!


























I made a sweet path sign that incorporates all the great activities, events, and places in


























I created Papio Creek complete with  a fishing pole, a wood circle walking trail, and of course a sweet little mushroom patch.
























There is a Toadstool table and two stools, a bottle of fairy dust, tiny fairy shoes sitting in front of the fairy door, and a fairy crown on a hook!
























The completed garden has a custom tree, with a tiny blue swing, and the tree lights up!