What is a Fairy Garden?

Have you ever had an object disappear? A tickle on your nose that you couldn't explain? Or maybe you caught the glimpse of fluttering wings that you knew were not a bird or butterfly. If so, you may have a fairy nearby!
Throughout the ages there are stories of fairies, or "wee folk" interacting with humans. Fairy gardens are used as a way to entice these creatures to pay us a visit. But Why? Well, the fairies bring with them a sense of wonder, whimsy, and a pinch of magic.  It is also thought that a visit from the fairies will bring you good luck!
A fairy garden is a miniature world created from your own imagination, it is as unique as you are! It can be small, it can be enormous, the possibilities are endless, it's all up to you.
Perfect for the person who believes in the magic, the person who is young, or simply
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